Hearing Aid Accessories

Today’s wireless technologies have been developed into accessories that help you get more out of your hearing aids. From enhanced listening experiences to more convenience and control, Livingston can recommend accessories that work best for your hearing and lifestyle needs.


chargerRechargeable Batteries

A convenient charging system is available for some styles of hearing aids. Charge overnight for a full day of trouble-free operation.





Personal wireless microphones help patients hear a companion in difficult listening environments. These tiny rechargeable units stream for up to 8 hours on a single charge and from distances of up to 65 feet away.




Streaming2Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

Connect to a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices like cell phones, mobile phones, televisions, stereos, MP3 players, tablets or computers. From TV and music to phone calls and computer chat, it’s easy to get more from today’s favorite high-tech devices.

A wireless connection sends stereo audio directly to your hearing aids so you can listen to television programs or movies at a level that is clear and audible while also comfortable for family and friends in the room. 



RemotesRemote Controls

The quick and discreet way to customize your hearing in a variety of sound environments. Remotes provide access to the technologies that deliver clarity and minimize background noise.