Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing loss is personal. Selecting and fitting the ideal hearing aids is very important. Livingstons will recommend what styles will work best for your needs and lifestyle from the variety of hearing aid styles available. Check out our accessories page for information on rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, remote controls and other ways to help you get more out of your hearing aids.

The Latest in Hearing Technology

Like the technology all around us, hearing aid advancements have come a long way and continue to improve. The following hearing aid styles offer some of the best sound qualities in their tiny little packages.


RIC-Unitron RIC-UnitronS5RIC – Receiver-in-canal

A small digital speaker in the ear canal connects with a nearly invisible tube to a lightweight device that sits behind the ear. This popular style of hearing aid is barely visible and available in a wide variety of styles and colors.



OBTE-Unitron OTE-Rexton-JoyOTE – Open Behind-the-ear

Similar to the RIC style, the Open Behind-the-ear hearing aid sits discreetly behind the ear and directs sound into the ear via a transparent tube. Suitable for a mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss.



MicroCIC-Unitron MicroCIC-Unitron26Invisible CIC – Invisible-in-the-canal

A tiny, very comfortable hearing aid that is worn deep in the ear canal so it is generally not visible. This is the smallest custom hearing aid available and provides a natural sound quality for cases of mild to moderately severe hearing loss.


CIC-Unitron CIC-Unitron26CIC – Completely-in-the canal

The CIC sits discreetly inside the ear canal. The microphone is near the opening of the ear canal, which provides for a more natural sound quality. These are custom made to fit each individual ear.





Traditional Hearing Aids with Updated Technology

More traditional hearing aid styles can provide advantages such as bigger batteries for longer life or larger amplifiers for people with severe hearing loss. While traditional-looking in style, these hearing aids still utilize the most up-to-date technologies for high-definition sound.


BTE-Unitron BTE-Unitron68BTE – Behind-the-ear

These reliable hearing aids are suitable for a wide range of hearing loss. They are worn behind the ear and deliver amplified sound through a tube to a customized earmold that fits securely into the ear.



ITE-Unitron ITE-Unitron26ITE – In-the-ear

In-the-ear hearing aids are custom made to fit comfortably in the outer area of the ear. These hearing aids are visible, but can accommodate larger batteries for longer life. Their larger size also makes them easier to position and maintain.



ITC-Unitron ITC-Unitron26ITC – In-the-canal

In-the-canal hearing aids are similar to In-the-ear styles, but are less visible because they fill only the bottom part of the ear bowl. They are custom made to fit each individual ear.