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In-Home Services

If you have trouble making it to our office, we can schedule an appointment at your home or care center. 

Same-Day Repair

Repairs, adjustments and cleaning services can usually
be handled the same day
they are received.

Care Facilities

Good hearing is important to recovery and well-being. Schedule us to visit your care center for a fitting or repair.

News & Resources

BTE Hearing Aid Tube Replacement

Eric demonstrates BTE hearing aid tube replacement and talks about the importance of having your hearing aids maintained every six months.

Better Hearing Through Advanced Technology

Advanced technology is ever changing. In recent years, with jumps in processing speed, programmable hearing aids are more intelligent. They are capable of automatically changing and adjusting for a wide variety of listening situations. In other words, modern hearing aids listen to help you hear better.

We Bring Hearing Services Directly to You!

The board-certified hearing instrument specialists at Livingston Hearing Aid Service will bring their expertise directly to you. Hearing aid fittings, adjustments, cleaning and repairs can be provided where you live or at our office. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are encouraged for faster service.


Video Otoscope Exam

A live video of your ear canal will show immediately any wax blockages.

Audiometric Exam

Find out what you are and are not hearing. We also screen for other hearing health conditions, which may require further medical attention.

Hearing Aid Demonstration

Learn about the variety of hearing aids available and the styles that work best for your type of hearing loss.