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Eric Livingston, BC-HIS
Hearing Aid Specialist (Owner)
Mark Livingston, HIS
Hearing Aid Specialist (Owner)
Patricia Livingston
Officer Manager (Boss)

About Livingston Hearing Aid Service

Mark and Eric’s father, Ron, started Livingston Hearing Aid Service in 1967. He developed a mobile hearing test lab and traveled to communities throughout the eastern Iowa area. Ron enjoyed working with people, performing hearing tests and fitting patients with the right hearing aids for their needs. As the business grew, Ron opened a hearing clinic in Marion. Eventually Ron’s sons, Eric and Mark, joined the business and the three worked together for many years. After Ron’s retirement, he continued to stop by the office and visit with clients. Today, Eric and his wife Patricia focus on running the Marion office. Mark operates the mobile hearing lab, which has been serving the needs of communities throughout eastern Iowa for half a century. Both Eric and Mark see patients in their home as needed. Livingston Hearing Aid proudly celebrates 51 years of continuous service to the community, helping to give people better hearing. Eric and Mark are proud to continue their father’s passion and legacy.

National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS)