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BTE Hearing Aid Tube Replacement

Eric demonstrates BTE hearing aid tube replacement and talks about the importance of having your hearing aids maintained every six months.

How hearing aids work.

In their simplest form, hearing aids perform like tiny amplifiers. All hearing aids have four basic components: microphone, amplifier, speaker, and batteries. 1. The microphone... Read More

Hear without changing batteries.

The latest rechargeable hearing system from HANSATON enables a spatial hearing experience without changing batteries. How do they do it? With lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and... Read More

Common Questions and Answers

Do you have trouble following the conversation when with a small group of friends?

Hearing that is equally balanced between both ears is important for being able to focus on a voice in a small group or in a large room.

Do you have difficulty hearing conversation over the phone?

Phones generally amplify sound about five times louder than normal speech. Difficulty hearing on the phone may help to explain trouble hearing in other situations.

Do you find it hard to distinguish where a sound is coming from?

Difficulty with sound direction can effect the ability to focus during common listening situations. It also raises safety concerns where awareness of your surroundings is crucial – such as driving, walking and on the job.

Have you noticed that you hardly ever hear birds chirping or singing?

People that have measurable high-frequency hearing loss often don’t hear birds singing. They also can miss many important speech sounds.

Do your relatives or neighbors ever complain you have the TV too loud?

Excessive TV volume can make it hard to hear other household sounds, such as an important phone call or knock at the door. This can also indicate that you may be having trouble understanding normal levels of speech.

Do you find it difficult to hear or understand people who tend to drop their voice?

Straining to hear may be the beginning indication of mild hearing loss. Hearing and understanding is a skill that diminishes when our hearing begins to change as we age.

Do you have ringing in your ears?

Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom that can result from a number of causes. One cause is noise-induced hearing loss.