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The difference between custom and discount hearing aids.

There is a difference between hearing aids purchased off the shelf at a store and those available through a custom hearing service provider like Livingston Hearing Aid Service. Hearing aids available off the shelf are not designed to correct your specific hearing loss. They just amplify all sounds equally. These hearing aids also do not have the technology to measure individual sounds in an environment and adjust to those measurements.

Custom hearing aids are matched and adjusted to your hearing profile. They fill in the gaps for your specific hearing deficiencies. Advanced custom hearing aids can analyze an environment and adjust for loud, medium and soft sounds. They can actually break the sound into different frequencies and soften or strengthen individual sounds.

Here are some common examples. If someone is talking to you in a loud environment, custom hearing aids will correct for that situation by increasing the volume of the speech frequencies. When you walk into a room with loud sounds, the hearing aids can soften that background noise.

Custom hearing aids can be adjusted to meet your expectations. If certain sounds are a little too sharp or others are still hard to hear, Livingston Hearing Aid Service can adjust how you hear those specific sounds. Custom hearing aids may cost a little more than off-the-shelf products, but most clients experience much better results by having their hearing aids fitted and adjusted to their specific hearing needs.

– By Eric Livingston